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ACT! Premium 2009 by Sage

Sage Act Premium 2009

Feature-Rich, Scalable Contact and Customer Manager

ACT!by Sage Premium Solutions (ACT!Premium and ACT!Premium for Web) are feature-rich, scalable contact and customer management solutions used effectively by 43,000 corporate customers, including sales professionals and teams. With ACT!, you and your team will benefit from ultimate productivity gains and a comprehensive, integrated view of your relationships so you can provide a differentiated experience. Management will benefit from instant visibility into team performance to ensure targets are being met. Because ACT! is easy to implement, administrators can deploy ACT! quickly, set security, and make customizations to fit organizational requirements, with little technical knowledge. Once deployed, users begin reaping the benefits of ACT! immediately because it is easy to learn and use-driving adoption. And because ACT! offers online, offline, and mobile access options, you and your team will have anywhere access whether office-based, traveling, or remote. Take advantage of this powerful functionality today and accomplish tasks crucial to the success of your organization.

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Centralize Prospect and Customer Relationship Details

Track detailed contact information, including notes, history, activities, sales opportunities, and documents-all tied to the associated Contact Record for a complete, integrated view. Even track Companies with associated multiple contacts or groups of related contacts for easier communicating. Manage interactions at the company or account level for a complete view of relationships with that organization. You and your team get accurate, detailed information about contacts, impressing prospects and customers with your knowledge.

Manage Daily Responsibilities and Improve Productivity

Manage individual and team schedules and tasks for the day, week, or month using one of many calendar views; the Task List for a filterable view of all activities; and the dashboard for a graphical summary view. If your organization uses Microsoft® Outlook®, copy ACT!and Outlook calendars automatically to keep activities up-to-date in both schedules.

Stay on top of deliverables by setting Activity Alarms. Any activities not completed roll over to the next day. Schedule an Activity Series to automate redundant tasks for routine activities with multiple steps; a due date change to one will realign related activities. Plus, use group scheduling functionality across your team. Enhance overall individual and team productivity all day, every day.

Forecast and Track Sales Opportunities

Track sales opportunities from initial inquiry through close, using the ACT!sales process or a process customized for your team's selling philosophy for managing leads. When working a sales opportunity, schedule a follow-up activity (populated automatically with the opportunity details), ensuring all tasks are covered as a lead moves through the sales process. And track products on each sales opportunity, specifying product discounts and costs for each item-even generate Instant Quotes without having to enter additional information.

Get a complete view of sales pipelines by viewing the Dashboard or one of 20 preformatted sales reports for a better understanding of which sales are tracking to close this month, quarter, or year and where to focus attention in the coming days or weeks. With more visibility into sales pipelines, more accurate forecasts are generated for your organization.

Gain Insight into Individual and Team Performance

Interactive Dashboards provide you and your team with a comprehensive summary view of top priorities and sales opportunities, including a gauge of team targets, and enable managers to monitor individual and team performance. You and your team can set the Dashboard as your default startup view to begin the workday with a snapshot of this information so you understand your priorities for the day. Managers get more detailed insight into individual and team performance with one of 40 preformatted reports, including Activity Reports, Sales Summaries, and more for each team member or for the team as a whole. Or for further analysis, send most reports to Excel®, HTML, PDF, or e-mail. Managers gauge individual and team performance using team views on the Dashboard and reports specific to each team member, so they can coach underperforming reps without delay.

Share and Secure Details Across Teams

Keep information secure across your organization by setting security options at the Contact, Group, Company, and field levels, marking each as full, read-only, or no access for particular users and teams. Assign up to five security levels and restrict users from deleting and exporting data to keep this information as an organizational asset, even when team members leave. Finally, set password rules to keep data secure from intruders. All this ensures that your organization maintains high security standards for your valuable contact information.

Deploy and Implement with Ease

Install and deploy ACT!using Silent Install for rolling out the Windows product, establish a link and logins for rolling out the Web product, or provide both for each user. Once installed, setting up teams of users is accomplished quickly using team functions, like grouping team members to grant access and user permissions on multiple levels. In addition, maintaining ACT!and ensuring database health is easy with automatic database functions, including backup, maintenance, and sync, keeping information safe and up-to-date. Implementing and maintaining a solution to manage contact information has never been easier.

Support an Anywhere Workforce

ACT!is available for use in a standalone or mixed-use environment, allowing administrators to provide a solution that matches how each user in your organization works, and still enjoy the benefits of centralized customer data. Because the Windows and Web products are full-featured ACT! applications, you and your team truly receive seamless access options. Additionally, sync ACT!to Palm OS®, Pocket PC, BlackBerry®, and iPhone devices for all the power and convenience of ACT!on-the-go. Or, you and your team can access via Citrix® or Terminal Services. With these options, you and your team can be productive wherever you are.

Enhance the Power of ACT!with Extensibility Options

Utilize downloads available on ACT!Dev Net to extend ACT!functionality or add powerful enhancement solutions designed to expand core ACT! functionality, including e-mail marketing, quoting, analytics, and more-all available through third-party vendors. Administrators with advanced technical skills can also make enhancements to ACT! with the ACT!Software Development Kit (SDK), OLEDB Provider, ACT!Reader, and SA Password tools.

Contact and Customer Management

  • Centralize important prospect and customer relationship details for quick, organized access.

Company Management

  • Manage interactions at the company or account level for a complete view of relationships with that organization.

Intuitive Interface

  • Get up-to-speed quickly and remain productive with ACT!because of the easy to learn and use interface-eliminating the need for formal training.

Lookups and Searching

  • Find specific relationship details instantly using powerful search capabilities in an easy-to-use format.

Calendar and Activity Management

  • Manage daily responsibilities by scheduling and tracking activities within ACT!to ensure individual and team productivity.

Sales Opportunity Management

  • Forecast and track sales opportunities to stay on top of all new leads and to provide management with insight into sales pipelines.

Dashboards and Reporting

  • Gain instant and accurate insight into individual and team performance using Dashboards and reports.

Prospect and Customer Communications

  • Communicate consistently and successfully with prospects and customers using Outlook or other e-mail solutions used by your organization.

Data Sharing and Security

  • Share and secure precious prospect and customer relationship details across teams of users.

Codeless Customization

  • Easily customize ACT!, with little technical knowledge required, to fulfill the requirements of your organization and to ensure adoption.


  • Deploy and implement ACT! quickly and maintain with ease.

Anywhere Workforce

  • Support an anywhere workforce with Windows, Web, and mobile access options.


  • Integrate ACT! with the applications already used by your organization to make the most of existing technology investments.


  • Enhance the power of ACT!with extensibility options available to administrators.

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