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ACT! Premium 2008 by Sage

Sage Act Premium 2008

Easy to Implement, Learn, and Use

Unlike many contact and customer management or CRM solutions, ACT!Premium solutions are easy to learn and use because they're designed to work like salespeople work. ACT!Premium solutions provide complete information on one screen, a tabbed interface, lots of right-click and one-click functionality, and robust look-up capabilities. With ACT! Premium solutions, managers will spend little or no time training team members, and will enjoy high levels of user adoption with minimal requests to help desk or support staff.

ACT!Premium solutions are easy to install and administer, reducing the burden on internal IT organizations. Set up your users on either Windows or Web-based platforms depending on their needs. For Windows users, utilize Silent Install to install, activate, and register ACT!Premium on the server, and then push the deployment of ACT!Premium to different users on the network,eliminating the need to install software on individual machines. Or, deploy ACT!Premium using Citrix® or Terminal Services. For Web users, configure ACT! Premium for Web on a centralized server, provide users with a login and URL, and they will be up and running in no time!

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Organize contacts and leads

  • Track contact details, notes and history, appointments and to-do items, documents, and opportunities.
  • Populate 60+ pre-defined fields including Name, Company, Phone, Address, Web site, E-mail, and ID/Status, or add your own.
  • Attach documents directly into Activities, History, or Documents tabs. Even when you are in Microsoft® Word and Excel®, you can attach documents and spreadsheets to ACT!contacts.
  • Create Company Records and view a roll-up of notes, history, and opportunities tied to contacts at those companies.
  • Use Groups with 15 levels of hierarchy (14 Subgroups) to easily organize, communicate, and schedule with related contacts.

Manage daily responsibilities

  • Schedule calls, meetings, and to-dos quickly and easily, and filter each by priority, date range, or user. Access each with multiple Calendar views.
  • Calendar pop-ups make it easy to view activity details instantly by mousing over any activity for an at-a-glance view.
  • Use Activity Alarms to stay on top of deliverables. Incomplete activities roll over to the next day.
  • Schedule an activity series for activities with multiple tasks. Activities are linked to one another so a date change in one will realign other activities if appropriate.
  • Use Group Scheduling for at-a-glance user availability for everyone in the database and to manage and define resources.
  • Synchronize ACT!Premium and Outlook calendars automatically to facilitate appointment scheduling with company employees not using ACT!Premium.
  • Use ACT!Premium Dashboard components, Schedule At-A-Glance and Activities by User, to provide you and your team a fast, accurate snapshot of key calls, meetings, and to-dos.

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